Senior Management

Dean Jones – CEO

With 15 years experience in school leadership, Dean has held 2 Deputy Headships and 2 Headships of 2 large primary schools. Dean holds the National Professional Qualification for Headteachers and is currently a Kent Leader of Education and Executive Headteacher. Dean has leadership experience of a number of Ofsted inspections, moving schools from RI to securely good.

Over the last few years, Dean has coached experienced and newly appointed Headteachers in Kent and has supported schools with self-review as well as working closely with the local authority in supporting schools with school improvement. Dean is one of the Canterbury district representatives on the Kent Association of Heads board and he works collaboratively with other local Headteachers in a collaboration of schools in Canterbury. Dean is passionate about inclusion and curriculum creativity in schools ensuring all pupils receive the best, well rounded education possible.

Samantha Sage – CFO

I have worked in Education for 18 years in both Kent maintained schools and academies including through conversion to academy status and re-brokering from one trust to another. As Business Manager I provide strategic leadership for all financial and business aspects relating to Financial Resource Management, Administration Management, ICT, Human Resource Management, Facility and Property Management and Health and Safety Management across both schools.

I am responsible for ensuring financial compliance and statutory reporting. I ensure the schools operate as cost- effectively as possible. I prepare annual budgets using knowledge of current practices, proposed developments, and planned changes to deliver the School Improvement Plan whilst also reflecting the vision and values of each school. I submitted successful CIF bids at 2 of my previous academies.

I have also been involved in an application for a free school; setting a suitable budget to meet the needs of the proposed growing school was core to the application ensuring the school could provide an excellent diverse curriculum. My varied experience, together with my passion for enabling children to have the best experience at school, drives me to carry out my role whilst ensuring adherence to all policies, procedures, deadlines and regulations.

Helen Owens – HR Officer

I am a highly experienced HR and Office Administrator that has previously worked for the NHS. During my time working in a hospital environment I supported the Outpatients Department in booking appointments for all clinics across 6 of our hospital sites. I then moved internally to the HR Department as an HR Systems Support Officer assisting daily with Payroll, Recruitment Team and Employee Relations. For two years working in HR I was the sole person responsible for ensuring that we had funding in place from Finance to support 8,500 staff across the Trust and to allow the Recruitment Team to raise further vacancies across all sites and departments. 

As a mother myself I want what is best for all children and for them to feel happy, safe and to thrive during their time within our schools. As the Trust HR Officer this will drive me to ensure our staff have everything they need to feel supported in their roles which will enable them to carry out their duties to the best of their ability whilst ensuring all children have the best experience at school. 

Alice Edgington – Headteacher, St Stephen’s Infant School

Alice Edgington is the Headteacher at St. Stephen’s Infant School in Canterbury. She has been in leadership of the school since 2017. Alice began her teaching career 20 years ago in an Infant School and is passionate about children’s early education experiences and child led learning. Having taught in a variety of settings including Internationally, Alice became a Leading Teacher for English and Phonics. Alice worked with the Local Education Authority to train teachers to administer the Year One Phonics Screening check and supported teachers to become outstanding classroom practitioners. She wrote for The Times Education Supplement on a wide range of topics, from how to put on a star-studded Nativity show, to supporting Care Experienced children and teenagers in education. Alice is an advocate for Care Experienced people, respite fostering and supporting fostering social events. She is currently completing a Masters in Senior Leadership with the University of Roehampton and is thrilled to be part of Inspira Academy Trust.

AEdgington BA Hons, NPQH                                                                                                                                                                        @aedgington

Jamie Noble – Headteacher, Chartham Primary School

Jamie Noble is the Headteacher at Chartham Primary School just outside Canterbury which he started in September 2022. He has been in school leadership since 2016 having worked as assistant and deputy head in two large schools in South London. Jamie began teaching 15 years ago and has taught and led phases in both Key Stage one and Two as well as both English and Maths, implementing curriculum changes and having a positive impact on attainment. Jamie is passionate about teacher development, maximising potential for all learners and personal and social development in schools. Furthermore, he has worked as a moderator and led maths mastery across a cluster of schools and is completing NPQ in Senior Leadership.