About Us

Inspira Academy Trust – About us

  • A unique set of schools; infant, primary rural and urban areas.
  • The trust board and members value the differences between schools within The Trust.
  • Each school will reflect The Trust’s ethos and support the community it serves.
  • The principles of The Trust will be underpinned by ‘a local trust for local schools’ and will be enriched by a combination of community and church schools.
  • The Trust mission statement and vision emphasises the importance of a varied and enriched curriculum to raise standards for all.
  • A commitment to safeguarding and promoting pupil and staff well-being underpins the Trust’s values.
  • The Trust will have a distinct focus on individualised professional development for its staff through a systematic coaching programme closely matched to staff needs and school priorities in order to retain a highly skilled workforce and deliver the school improvement plan.
  • The Trust will develop partnerships and collaborate with other local Multi-Academy Trusts, Higher Education Institutions and schools to provide opportunities for staff at all levels to engage in continuing professional development and to provide mutual support.
  • Once established, The Trust will be committed to sponsor other schools as part of its commitment to its growth plan.

Governance Structure

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