Effective governance is crucial at all levels to ensure compliance with both company law and charity law.

All the academies are governed by the Trust with a single board of directors (or trustees). This is the body accountable to the Secretary of State. In our Trust each academy retains its own Local Committee with delegated responsibilities.

Governance Structure

Inspira Academy Trust consists of:


There are five members, who have ultimate control over the Trust. They have the ability to appoint some of the trustees and have the right to amend the trust’s articles of association. 


The Trust Board is made up of key stakeholders and invited partners. This ensures that schools are represented at a strategic level. Members may appoint up to seven Trustees. 


The Trust delegates responsibility to three committees – Finance, Audit and Risk, Health & Safety and Safeguarding and Standards and Curriculum. This ensures that Local Academy Committees are able to focus on the quality of education, distinctive ethos, character and local traditions, maintaining good communication with parents and the wider community.

The Chair of the Finance, Audit and Risk Committee is Kimberley Foulkes.

Local Academy Committee

Each school joining the Trust will have a Local Academy Committee consisting of local people with elected parents and staff. The degree of autonomy of each school in the trust will be dependent on the quality of the education that it currently provides. Good and Outstanding schools will be appropriately supported and challenged, allowing them to develop over time. Schools not yet good will be given appropriate support to ensure that the necessary changes are made quickly.

Register of Business Interests

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